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Libra Horoscope

Monthly May 2021

["If you are reluctant in using your analysing power more effectively you will fall into a state of a rut, leaving you with unfinished projects. Find some ways to communicate with others more reasonably and understandably. You will go through some exciting instants this week. Thrilling experiences, you haven't experienced for such a long time will come back to you making you more energetic and joyful. Busy schedules will force you to postpone a trip you were anxiously waiting for. Don't get depressed for this will never be the last chance. It will do you better if you give a thought before getting committed to a new relationship. As your time is now favourable, you will get proper guidance to choose the best. Those who are part of a family business may see the month turning more progressive. All the disputes or differences that prevailed will finally come to an end. Which means, outside court settlement will finally come to an end. The month will be good for those into the trading business. Especially dealing with foreign clients and exports business. This month will make you gain much through your contacts and influences. Only advice does not deal in shady deals with anyone. Not ever try to grease the palm of any authority. Travelling will be good for those who have an agenda in hand."]

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