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Ways To Find Out A Qualified Astrologer

Author: Astrologer Specialist Posted on: November, 17, 2019

Indian Astrology is an ancient practice but it is equally popular even today. Moreover, the growing popularity of the astrological TV shows work as positive catalyst. Though the TV shows and the astrologers are gaining fame, do you really think these have any use? The answer is 'NO' and the best online astrologer in Hyderabad Pt. B.K Shastri Ji will explain the why so.

Why TV Shows are Waste


What happens in the TV astrology shows? People call the astrologer sitting in the studio room; tell him / her problem with date of birth and name. And then what happens? Within a few minutes the astrologer preaches the solution. But in reality, following the traditional Vedic process an astrologer has to go through at least 3000 planetary position combinations and other aspects in the horoscope. Do you think it is doable?  


Hence, try to consult an astrologer individually. Discuss your problem face-to-face, or over the phone or through email. Get help from our famous astrologer in Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh or in any other part of the country or in abroad. Visit and consult the internationally acclaimed astrologer here.

Required Qualities of a Qualified Astrologer


In the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra Rishi Parashar (the father of Indian Vedic Astrology) has scripted the basic qualities of a true Vedic Astrologer in Chapter 43. Shloka 49, 50 says -

"Ganiteshu praveenoyaha sabda sastre krutasramaha
Nyaayavidh buddhimaan desa dikkaalajno jitendriyaha |"

Meaning: A Vedic Astrologer should be well versed in mathematical calculations, should have done creditable practices on auditory, judgement, intelligence, should have expertise in direction, space and time and should have strong control over senses.


Another mantra that explains the qualifications and duties of an astrologer is -


"Vutthaayoshasi devataam hrudi nijaam dhyaatvaa vapussodhanam
Krithvaa snaana purassaram salila nikshepaadi karmaakhilam
Krithvaa mantra japaadhikamcha vidhivath panchaanga veekshaam thathaa
Khetaanaam gananamcha daivavidhatha swasthaantharaathmaa bhaveth |"
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Meaning: A Vedic Astrologer must get up early before the sunrise and carry out the daily practices like taking bath to clean body, offering prayers to the deities, bestowing Sun god with water, reciting the holy mantras including Gayatri Mantra etc. Then the astrologer must look into the almanac or the Panchag to perform the calculations of thithi / lunar day, vaar / day of the week, nakshatra / constellation, yoga /combination of sun and moon, and karana / half part of a thithi etc with a fully devoted, peaceful mind.


But being a responsible person, it is our duty to show respect to the astrologers. These Vedic Astrologers are called ‘daivjna’ in the Vedas which means an astrologer is able to read the mind of the Almighty God. Hence, it is the duty of the clients and also of the society to offer the due respect to the astrologer.

Find Reliable Online Astrologer


Even if you avoid the TV astrologers, and switch to local astrologer or even online astrologer in Hyderabad, you will get confused in crowed. It is difficult to pick a reliable astrologer among all those. Before consulting any one, cross check their real identity, certification, experience, case studies and client reviews. 

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